SVP Evaluation Partner LOI

Sobrato Philanthropies (SP), an enterprise group of the Sobrato Organization (TSO), has issued a request for a Letter of Interest (LOI) to gauge alignment with highly qualified, experienced firms and researchers to serve as the evaluation facilitation partner of a participatory monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan for its Silicon Valley Program (SVP). The evaluation will support SP and stakeholder groups to collaboratively learn from and inform implementation of SP’s Economic Mobility strategy, including facilitating learning within and between Silicon Valley communities.

We invite you to prepare a letter of interest for consideration that describes your level of alignment with our participatory evaluation approach, ability to meet our desired qualifications in a long-term partner, estimated annual cost for evaluation services and reports, and overall ability to meet the opportunity. The following request for LOI includes a brief background on our organization, description of the Silicon Valley Program, description of the opportunity, and specific qualifications we desire in long-term evaluation partners. Sobrato Philanthropies understands that it will be difficult to find a single partner who can fulfil all the qualifications we specify or fully meet the available opportunity. Therefore, even if your firm could only assume a specific portion of the opportunity, or meet a subset of the qualifications, we still encourage you to submit a LOI.

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