Sobrato Capital

Sobrato Capital is the securities investment platform of The Sobrato Organization, comprising investments in public and private securities funds as well as direct investments in high-growth enterprises.

For over twenty years, the platform has invested in world-class private capital funds and made opportunistic investments in leading companies based in and outside of Silicon Valley. Sobrato Capital:

  • Is owned and controlled by members of the Sobrato family, with no outside partners or third-party capital. This has enabled Sobrato Capital to adopt a nimble and efficient investment process with a long-term investment horizon.
  • Considers itself out-of-the-box and, at times, contrarian investors who have facilitated the creation of innovative fund structures and backed multiple first-time private capital funds.
  • Seeks to leverage The Sobrato Organization’s investment expertise, extensive network, capital resources and long-term investment horizon to generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

A fundamental component of Sobrato Capital’s mission is to continue to grow the Organization’s asset base and build the resources of Sobrato Philanthropies.