Underwater shot of vivid coral reef with fishes


The ocean is critical and essential to our planet. It covers most of our planet with water—and provides nearly half of the oxygen that allows for life on land. When healthy, it is a natural carbon sink, providing a natural way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere—critical to climate change mitigation efforts. Life continues to be sustained by the ocean. Yet, despite being critically important to many forms of life on our planet, our ocean has been—and continues to be—destroyed. Worse still, work to support a healthy ocean is severely underfunded.

Recognizing the importance of this work, in 2020 we committed $25 million to protect the ocean. We employ both grants and impact investments to support work towards our goal: a future where the ocean is healthy—where the ocean supports its natural biodiversity and is able to continue to support the broader ecosystem (including the climate, people, and animals) that rely on healthy waters.  We are committed to supporting key partners working on one of our three main areas of focus on the oceans: marine protected areas, overfishing, and plastic pollution.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals at this time. Please email grants@sobrato.org for more information.