Creating a More Humane and Sustainable Food System

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John and Timi are passionate supporters of sustainable agriculture and the adoption of alternative protein sources. United by a common value to end the exploitation of the earth’s resources, including animals, their contributions are aimed at reducing the world’s reliance on industrialized animal agriculture, a sector notorious for its contributions to climate change, antibiotic resistance, excessive water consumption, social injustices, and severe animal suffering. The Sobratos champion agricultural reform through corporate advocacy, legal action, and policy initiatives, alongside investments in food innovation and market transformation. 

Around 800 million people face hunger globally, and research shows the world will have to close a gap of 56% between the amount of food available today and that required by 2050. Meanwhile, unsustainable food production systems are largely responsible for destroying the world’s ecosystems and fueling climate change.

World Resource Institute

By transitioning to alternative protein sources, such as plant-based and cultured options, they envision a path to eliminating the food production gap projected by the World Resource Institute. John and Timi Sobratos’ giving and impact investing is focused on steering food systems towards more sustainable production methods and a major reduction in our consumption of animals, enabling more people to be fed with fewer resources while mitigating the environmental impact and health issues associated with industrial farming. In brief, their goal is to transform agriculture to ensure the entire global population can be nourished without harming the planet.

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