Impact Investments

Consistent with its value of innovation and risk-taking, the Sobrato family seeks to find entrepreneurial solutions to persistent challenges and problems, both locally and globally. For more than 13 years, Sobrato Philanthropies has used impact investing to direct capital to enterprises that generate social benefits that traditional business models often sidestep. Some projects include facilities at underserved schools, affordable housing, family-operated business loans, and cutting-edge educational technology. While grantmaking is its primary tool for advancing its mission, Sobrato Philanthropies use program-related and mission-related investments as flexible tools to help organizations maximize their impact.

To date, The Sobrato Family Foundation has dedicated $50M to a revolving fund for impact investments, and currently has nine active investments totaling $30M.

Current Investments

ACE Charter School
$1.39M | Long-term facility | San Jose, CA

Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit HS
$7.0M | Bridge loan for facility expansion | San Jose, CA

Downtown College Prep
$3.0M | Long-term facility | San Jose, CA

Housing Trust
$5.0M | Affordable housing development fund | Silicon Valley

$0.3M | Construction teaching kitchen | Redwood City, CA

Opportunity Fund
$5.0M | Small business loans | Silicon Valley

Pacific Charter School Development Fund
$3.0M | Revolving facilities fund | Silicon Valley

Pay for Success (Abode)
$1.5M | Housing and supportive services | Santa Clara County

Reach Capital I & II
$3.0M | Educational technology | Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties