Our Guiding Principles, Vision for Success, and Financials
In support of the values of the Sobrato Family:
  • We seek to empower low‐income, underserved, and at-risk populations that are experiencing language, economic, and other barriers to opportunity.
  • We strive for lasting change in the communities we serve, as we also help people meet their basic needs.
  • We make strategic investments in effective organizations striving to create sustainable impact.
  • We provide leadership and expertise to advance community solutions aligned with our goals.

What Success Looks Like for
21st Century Education:
  • Districts throughout the state with high populations of EL students have implemented SEAL and California has adopted SEAL for Pre-K to 3rd grade EL education.
  • An increasing array of school options are in place that prevent low-income kids from attending under-performing schools.
  • High-quality teacher and school leader training programs have been established in Silicon Valley to prepare their graduates to work effectively in low-income communities.
  • Increased transparency and community participation in school district funding and academic performance advances education reform efforts.

What Success Looks Like for
Pathways for Success:
  • Expanded access to middle skills jobs for individuals without high school or four-year-college completion creates greater local employment opportunities.

What Success Looks Like for our Core Programs: General Operating Support, and
Thriving Nonprofit Sector:
  • Our GOS program helps maintain access to human services and increases community awareness and support for these essential services.
  • Our investments in the nonprofit centers promote collaboration and innovation, while keeping essential services in the community.
  • The capacity of our nonprofit partners is equal to the scale of the social issues
    we seek to address.

Our Financials
  • The most recent independent auditors report and financial statements of the Sobrato Family Foundation are available here.
  • The Sobrato Family Foundation’s most recent Form 990-PF filed with the Internal Revenue Service is available here: 2016.


Our 2017 Annual Impact Report


We are living in changing times that bring both challenges and opportunities to individuals and families throughout our region, state and world.


The Sobrato Family Foundation remains committed to this place we’ve called home for generations, and our 2017 Annual Impact Report details our commitment to Silicon Valley.


Now – more than ever before – it is important to keep the conversation going about supporting local organizations that promote access to excellent schools, essential safety-net services and careers that can sustain individuals and families. We invite you to read our Annual Impact Report and learn more about our investments in education, career pathways to sustainable jobs and local nonprofits that support and enrich our community. We look forward to continuing our work with you and identifying new partners and innovators who share our vision for the Valley. [Click image or here to view the full report]


Our Mission


Make Silicon Valley a place of opportunity for all its residents.


The Sobrato Family Foundation advances the Sobrato Family’s collective philanthropic interest by promoting access to high-quality education, career pathways, and essential human services.


Our Community Impact Platform


As the primary grantmaking vehicle of the Sobrato Philanthropies, for more than twenty years SFF has invested exclusively in nonprofits serving those most in need in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Southern Alameda counties. The Foundation’s portfolio utilizes both cash and real estate to achieve maximum impact, granting $18M in multi-year general operating and strategic program support, along with $5.4M in annual value of office space to 70 nonprofits, and free conference facilities to hundreds of Bay Area nonprofits at its three Sobrato Centers for Nonprofits located in Redwood Shores, San Jose and Milpitas.


During 2014, the Sobrato Family Foundation took time to determine which outcomes we could help achieve in the community through philanthropy, and which programs, strategies, and tools best fit the work ahead—all with an eye toward fulfilling our mission of promoting economic opportunity for all who work and live in our community. This process reaffirmed the Sobrato Family’s long held position that access to a high-quality education is critical to economic mobility. It also shined a light on the Valley’s acute need to strengthen pathways to middle skill careers.


These priorities complement SFF’s longstanding commitment to our region’s essential human services, and the operational needs our nonprofit community. Moving forward, our primary strategic and responsive grantmaking programs are focused on 21st Century Education and Pathways for Success. These activities, coupled with our core General Operating Support program and commitment to a Thriving Nonprofit Sector, comprise our Community Impact Platform.