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Our Mission


The Sobrato family is committed to Building a Strong & Vibrant Silicon Valley Community through Business and Philanthropic Leadership. As the primary grantmaking vehicle of the Sobrato Philanthropies, the Sobrato Family Foundation [SFF] invests exclusively in nonprofits serving those most in need in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Southern Alameda counties.


Our Community Impact Platform


SFF has been known for nearly twenty years as a place-based grantmaker that funds millions of dollars each year in general operating support, donates land and buildings to community nonprofits, and provides rent-free office and conference space to Bay Area organizations through our three Nonprofit Centers. In late 2013, SFF also began making responsive and strategic grants to support our mission. 


Focusing forward, the family is defining the community outcomes it can help achieve through philanthropy, and which tools and strategies best fit the work ahead. In 2014 we outlined four interrelated program areas focused on Community Impact, guided by our desire to promote economic opportunity for all who work and live in our community. By focusing our grantmaking on supporting strategies that create opportunities — and giving individuals the skills they need to take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves — we believe we will have the best chance at achieving our mission. These are our four program areas under development:


Healthy People and Places Program—Building on our general operating support program, we seek to make strategic grants to increase pathways out of poverty for the economically disenfranchised by increasing access to housing, jobs, and economic opportunities.


21st Century Education Program—Aligned with our belief that education is the key to economic opportunity, we seek to increase the number of high-quality classrooms and school leaders, and support youth in completing high school prepared for college and careers.


Thriving Nonprofit Sector Program—Acknowledging the need for strong and innovative partners, we seek to increase the effectiveness, scalability, and impact of socially-minded organizations, and support the development of more high-quality nonprofit leaders.


Philanthropy Engagement Program—Recognizing the power of collective action to solve social problems, we seek to promote a culture of philanthropy in the Valley by being a leader, storyteller, and convener of our peers—increasing involvement in supporting the overall wellbeing of the Valley.



Our Guiding Principles

  • To strive for excellence in conducting our community grantmaking and lending
  • To develop long-term, trusting relationships in the community
  • To achieve maximum impact by responding to nonprofit agencies’ greatest needs
  • To catalyze more civic engagement and giving as a result of our leadership
  • To pass the philanthropic legacy to future generations of the Sobrato family