Sobrato Hall East on campus of The Foundation for Hispanic Education serves students and their families in San Jose, CA

Mission & Values

The Sobrato Organization’s mission is to build a more equitable and sustainable world through business and philanthropic leadership. We work to inspire current and future generations to steward family resources in service of others around the world. We have established a deep legacy in Silicon Valley that includes a commitment to community and our values honor and promote this legacy:

Mutual Accountability: We earn trust by taking ownership of our work and honoring our commitments to each other, our partners and our communities.

Collaboration: We believe in the value of collaboration and partnership in achieving effective solutions. We treat people with respect and value the diverse experiences and perspectives of our partners, colleagues and investees.  

Engagement: We recognize that lasting impact requires building deep relationships with our stakeholders and getting proximate to our communities and the work. We act with humility, respect and compassion.

Excellence: We focus on results, maintain a strong work ethic, and persist through challenges. We innovate, take risks, and embrace creativity and continuous learning.

Integrity: We endeavor to deal transparently, honestly and fairly. We strive to do what is right, especially when it is hard.