Even before COVID-19, the labor market created an opportunity gap which COVID-19 has now accelerated, constraining mobility through the systematic exclusion of diverse talent from access to education, economic security, quality jobs, capital, and career advancement. The Pathways for Success program supports low-income Silicon Valley residents through training pathways, small business and entrepreneurship, and financial capability to increase income, earning potential, and financial resilience.

The Pathways for Success program builds economic mobility and resilience through an integrated set of interventions to address immediate barriers, and to improve and broaden economic capacities:

  • Training pathways for low-wage, underrepresented Silicon Valley workers. Training pathways grantees embed approaches to close the opportunity gap, including skills training, career navigation, affordable education and on-the-job learning, and connections to professional networks and peer support.
  • Small business and entrepreneurship support to train, provide coaching and professional development, and deploy loans to low-income entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Financial capability supports that include financial education and coaching, access to financial services and resources, and assistance navigating public sector programs. Financial capability grantees support low-income individuals and families to increase savings and build credit and other financial assets, and support income stability and asset preservation to support economic resilience.

This program is not accepting unsolicited proposals, but we welcome the opportunity to learn about funding ideas and organizations working to catalyze economic mobility in Silicon Valley. To submit an inquiry, please click here.