Ashleigh Williams

SEAL Trainer

Ashleigh Williams worked as a dual immersion K-2 teacher for five years in Redwood City and Salinas schools before joining the SEAL team. In these five years, Ms. Williams was SEAL-trained and helped to develop two dual immersion programs, which only deepened her passion for teaching language and culture, as well as for helping others hone their skill set in carrying out the same mission. She has seen the incredible benefits and deep, lasting effects of SEAL in her students first hand – a feeling of respect for others as well as for themselves, attaining a broader vocabulary in both native and new languages, and a spark that can only be described as a joy for learning. Her bilingual, English and Italian, upbringing are natural sources for Ms. Williams’ profound value, respect, and honor for home languages and how those find their place in a classroom setting. She holds a BA in Spanish from UC Davis.