Sobrato Capital Portfolios

Sobrato Capital is comprised of three securities investment pools: Sobrato Family Holdings (SFH), Sobrato Development Companies (SDC), and the Sobrato Family Foundation (SFF) endowment. The three are supported by a common investment platform and managed in a synergistic manner with Sobrato Philanthropies and Sobrato Real Estate.

Originally funded by cash flow from the Sobrato Real Estate Operations, SFH is the Organization’s largest pool of securities investments, comprised of public equity, private capital fund, and direct equity investments in high-growth enterprises. SFH has a multi-decade investment horizon with no material distribution obligations. As such, it is managed with a long-term perspective and tolerance for volatility.

SFH is comprised exclusively of public and private equity investments. Private equity investments include allocations to Buyout, Venture/Growth and Distressed/Restructuring funds. SFH will also opportunistically make direct and co-investments in high-growth enterprises in and outside of Silicon Valley. It has taken an innovative approach to private equity, investing in multiple first-time funds, establishing a seed fund/micro-VC program and collaborating to create innovative fund structures.

SDC is a taxable pool of public equity investments that provides liquidity for the Sobrato Real Estate Operations. It is very liquid and managed with a long-term investment horizon, tolerance for volatility and high degree of fee and tax sensitivity.

SFF represents the Sobrato Family Foundation’s endowment and was funded through donations of real estate and other assets from members of the Sobrato family. It is comprised of public equity and private capital investments and funds the initiatives of Sobrato Philanthropies, which is expected to grow significantly as the Sobrato family continues to pursue its philanthropic objectives.