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Sobrato Family honored at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s “Anything Goes” Gala

Oct 26, 2015 | San Jose Mercury News

Sal Pizarro wrote in the San Jose Mercury News, “Anyone visiting the Santa Clara Marriott on Saturday night for a reason besides TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s ‘Anything Goes’ fundraiser would definitely have done a double take at all the characters walking through the parking lot around 6 p.m. There were nuns, sheiks, a couple of Cleopatras, a court jester and even a gunfighter a la Clint Eastwood’s “Man with No Name,” at the benefit — which also serves as one of the best costume parties around. The evening’s honorees were the Sobrato family and Sobrato Philanthropies, well represented by John A. Sobrato and his wife, Susan Sobrato… The Sobrato Philanthropies, which has donated $314.5 million to local nonprofits since 1996, has supported TheatreWorks through its office-space grants program, providing space for offices, rehearsal, classrooms and storage…”

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