Drexel School System of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose receives $25M for Sobrato Family Scholars Fund

Mar 15, 2017

– Resource-rich, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education

–  Largest single gift to Diocese  

The funds received from the estate of John and Sue Sobrato through the Sobrato Family Foundation will be restricted to the use for scholarships to Drexel Schools in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. The Drexel School System proposes to establish the Sobrato Family Scholars Fund, an annual scholarship program that supports, each year, elementary school students living in the Santa Clara County and San Mateo County who wish to attend Drexel School but cannot financially afford it. These scholars would be reviewed and awarded gifts each year by the Drexel board of trustees based on need as determined by a standardized tuition assistance application process. The family contributes 20% or more towards the tuition as determined by their financial capacity. The Sobrato Family Scholars Fund will increase Drexel’s ability to provide greater access to high-quality Catholic education especially for the untapped potential of the large Hispanic community in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

With the establishment of the Sobrato Family Scholars Fund, the Diocese of San Jose and the Catholic elementary schools of San Mateo County will establish a Drexel Scholars Fund that other donors match the yearly distribution from Sobrato Family Foundation as to double the number of scholarships to the Drexel School System.

“This high-impact investment in the Catholic elementary school graduate, will change the Silicon Valley,” says Rev. Brendan McGuire, president of Drexel Schools and Vicar General of the Diocese of San Jose. “The gift from John and Sue Sobrato to establish in perpetuity the Sobrato Family Scholars Fund will challenge others to invest in the Drexel Scholars fund and will amplify the transformational power of the Drexel School System to form the next generation of Catholic schools’ graduates serving the Silicon Valley and beyond.”