Colonial Acres kindergartners make huge strides toward mastering language– SEAL phasing into all San Lorenzo Unified schools

Dec 6, 2014 | Bay Area Newsgroup

“We are learning collaboration,” a group of Colonial Acres Elementary School kindergartners read out loud Friday as their teacher pointed to the words.

The San Lorenzo kindergartners have explored their community, taking a field trip to the library, walking around the neighborhood and being visited by firefighters. Using what they had learned, the 5-year-olds built miniature towns, giving “tours” of their works to parents and staff Friday.

“I’m surprised and amazed at how much they have learned,” said Veronica Ruiz, mother of Ricardo Lieba, who proudly pointed out the Ashland Community Center replica he had constructed. “We read a Dr. Seuss book last night, and Ricardo could read every word. He loves to read and go to the library now,” Ruiz said.

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