Democracy Frontlines Fund

We are at an inflection point in our country’s long struggle for racial justice and equity. The current movement against police brutality has created an opportunity to shift the momentum of this struggle. The recent deaths at the hands of law enforcement are not isolated incidents but are consequences of a system built on racism and injustice. 

The Sobrato family has focused its philanthropy on expanding opportunity, but opportunity will always be limited in a system where justice and safety are not afforded to all. The path to reconciliation will require those of us with privilege and power to step back and center those whose voices are too often silenced. We must follow those who have been leading this long march toward justice.

As Sobrato Philanthropies enters a new journey around race equity work, we are grateful that the Democracy Frontline Fund allows us to build on our legacy of deep commitment toand trust inpartners with the lived experience to understand what needs to be done and how to do it. We are proud to be investing $3M in the fund over the next three years. The Fund provides us the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of other philanthropic partners who have been in this struggle for far longer. We enter this partnership with humility and great hope for a better, more equitable future.