COVID-19 Response Fund

We are launching a Sobrato Rapid Response Fund to address the program, financial, and capacity needs of Sobrato grantees as they respond to the COVID-19 crisis. This situation is developing rapidly, so we are keeping the fund open and flexible. We will learn from our community partners as the situation develops to ensure we are supporting grantees in the most meaningful ways. 

In the first round of funding, priority will be given to grantees who have emergency, urgent requirements to serve the needs of low-income populations, and those with immediate cash flow challenges due to the crisis response. We understand that organizations anticipate an impact on annual budgets as fundraising events are canceled, and as the impacts of the pandemic are experienced across the community. However, the initial funding approvals will prioritize the most immediate organizational needs. Funds will be released on a rolling basis, making it possible to move resources quickly and allow the foundation to adapt as the situation develops.

In addition, we are partnering with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation on their Regional Response Fund to address the direct needs of low-income individuals across the region affected by COVID-19.

About the COVID-19 Response Fund

The COVID-19 Response Fund will provide flexible funding to grantees impacted by the pandemic. The funds will be one-time, general operating grants to current Sobrato cash and in-kind office space grantees that have immediate financial and capacity needs related to the pandemic.


  • Sobrato grantees, in any program portfolio, are eligible to apply. However, in the first phase of funding, resources will be directed to organizations that are providing services to those most affected by the pandemic and those organizations with the most urgent needs related to the crisis. 
  • As a starting point, we expect the grants to be in the range of $10k-$35k, but we will learn and iterate based on the needs of our community, grantee partners, and availability of funds.


Interested grantees can apply for funding through our online grants portal: The application is short and we aim to process payments as quickly as possible on a rolling basis. We will acknowledge receipt of your application in 48 business hours, with an update on the status of your application within two weeks.


We anticipate keeping the fund open until June 30, 2020, or until the funds are exhausted.


Reporting requirements will be minimal, but will ask for a very brief update to allow the Foundation to monitor the impact of the funds and assess next steps.


  • For questions related to eligibility or process, please contact your program lead:

Other Resources for Nonprofit Organizations:


How quickly will funds be released?

Requests will be reviewed on a weekly basis. We are planning to get payments out to approved requests within two weeks. However, we are prioritizing funding for those organizations that are urgently responding to the needs of community members affected by the pandemic. We will defer longer-term requests to subsequent approval phases based on the urgency of the need. We will communicate with organizations whose requests are deferred after each funding phase.

We are a former grantee, but do not have funding currently. Are we eligible?

We understand that the needs within the community are extensive. However, only organizations with an active grant are eligible for funding at this time. Please see the list of additional resources above.

What does Sobrato consider to be the most urgent needs?

We will prioritize moving funds to organizations directing resources to the communities and populations most affected by the pandemic, although we expect to learn more over the next few weeks. We are de-prioritizing the needs related to loss of fundraising revenue related to event cancellations. We know that those types of impacts will have long-term consequences on program operations and sustainability, but we cannot address those requests in the initial phase of funding.

If we apply for funding now and learn that our needs are greater than originally thought, can we come back for additional funds?

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the extent of the need, and the remaining funds within the pool. Please keep in contact with your primary program lead at Sobrato Philanthropies to determine whether it will be possible for you to apply for additional funding after an original approval.

I do not know who my primary contact is at the Sobrato Philanthropies. Who should I contact?

Please reach out to Tamara Radcliffe,, who can direct you to the appropriate contact.