The Sobrato Organization is a family-owned firm with no outside investors or joint venture partners, and has been formally engaged in charitable giving through its foundations since 1996. Combined assets of the family foundation and its public support organization have grown from $500,000 to more than $237 million, due to the donation of proceeds from the sales of several Sobrato buildings. The fair market value of donated buildings and proceeds from sales of buildings since 1996 totals $265.8M.


Sales of TSO buildings to fund Sobrato Philanthropies: $265.8M

(fair market value at time of gift)

  • $135M 488 Almaden, San Jose
  • $47M  2440 El Camino, Mountain View
  • $39M 2334 Lundy, San Jose
  • $14.8M 900 Lonus Street, San Jose
  • $10.5M 1290 Parkmoor, San Jose
  • $7.5M  10261 Bubb Road, Cupertino
  • $7M 6880 Santa Teresa Blvd., San Jose
  • $5M 1271-1273 Reamwood, Sunnyvale