About The Sobrato Organization

The Sobrato Organization or “TSO”  is a multi-generational, family-owned firm based in Silicon Valley. For over 65 years, the Sobrato family has been developing commercial real estate for high-growth companies, building multifamily communities, investing in entrepreneurial enterprises and giving back to the communities in which the family lives and conducts business. TSO is comprised of three, synergistic enterprise units, all served by a shared enterprise operations platform:

  • Real Estate & Development: TSO’s Real Estate & Development group creates and operates world-class office buildings, apartment homes and mixed-use projects in high growth markets in the western United States, with the twin objectives of providing strong risk-adjusted returns in support of the Sobrato family’s charitable and personal goals and contributing to the local communities in which we work.
  • Sobrato Capital: Sobrato Capital leverages TSO’s investment expertise, network, capital resources and long-term investment horizon to generate superior investment returns that complement the success of our Real Estate Development operations and build the resources of Sobrato Philanthropies.
  • Sobrato Family Foundation: The Sobrato Family Foundation advances the Sobrato family’s collective philanthropic interest by promoting access to high-quality education, career pathways, and essential human services to make Silicon Valley a place of opportunity for all its residents.

Joint Vision: The Sobrato Organization & Sobrato Philanthropies

The Sobrato Family is committed to building a strong and vibrant Silicon Valley community through business and philanthropic leadership. The family has developed and manages the three enterprise units of The Sobrato Organization to work together synergistically.  For example, all funds granted through Sobrato Philanthropies originate from building sales or profits from business activities of Real Estate & Development and Sobrato Capital, and each is supported by a common enterprise operations platform.

The Sobrato Family: Purpose and Values

As a family, we are dedicated to helping create and sustain a strong and vibrant Silicon Valley community, and seek to inspire current and future generations to steward family resources in service of others. The family has established a deep legacy in Silicon Valley that includes a commitment to community and hard work.  Our values seek to honor and extend this legacy:

  • Family ownership. We value and desire active involvement by competent and engaged family members in our business operations and/or philanthropy.
  • Active engagement. Building on a family tradition of hands-on involvement, we take active roles in our work and community, empowering an exceptional professional team who share our passion for effective work that drives results. Together, we desire to make a positive, tangible difference.
  • Stewardship and accountability. We are committed to make the best use of time, opportunity and resources, generating long-term value that builds up our community and strengthens families. We foster collaboration and recognize the value of trusted relationships and partnerships, building better long-term solutions together than we would separately.
  • Integrity and ethics. We endeavor to deal openly, honestly and fairly with everyone we encounter.
  • Innovation and risk-taking. To find entrepreneurial solutions to persistent challenges and problems, we take a long-term perspective and try new things—learning and adapting as we go.

The family’s overarching purpose and values guide all of its business and philanthropic activities.