Founder Intent of John A. and Susan Sobrato


We believe our success in business has given us the opportunity and responsibility to become involved in philanthropy. The Foundation has grown substantially since its 1996 founding, and we recognize it will grow further.


This statement, along with an associated set of photos, videos and other media that describe our family’s history, gives voice to our family ethos. It is important to us that these values are conveyed to current and future generations, to inform and invigorate the work of the Sobrato Family Foundation in the years to come as it perpetuates our philanthropy.


Strengthen our Family Legacy


The work of the Foundation should continue to build our family legacy and promote our philanthropy so that we are remembered for our contributions, and inspire others to give back by our example.


Focus on Education


In addition to support for Silicon Valley agencies serving those in need, we are passionate about education, and believe it is the key to accessing opportunity and breaking the cycle of poverty in families. Access to a high-quality education for all students should be a driving focus of the Foundation, starting in our own Silicon Valley community and potentially expanding geographically over time.


Family Engagement


Our family is our highest priority. We ‘show up’ for one another in times of celebration, and support one another through times of difficulty. From our own strength as a family we are called to serve other families, extending our compassion and our resources out into our community.


Deal Ethically and Honestly


We must do what we say we are going to do, and be known for our follow-through. We always tell the truth, do the right thing, and demonstrate our respect for others.


Pursue Tangible Impact


We want to see the results of our giving. To ensure our philanthropic work is making a real and lasting difference, we insist that our grantmaking efforts are measured. These metrics should determine the impact of our work on people’s lives.


Hold High Expectations


We have high expectations for our grantees and expect them to act as partners—deeply invested in achieving their own goals, and not disproportionately dependent on our Foundation’s support.


Operate Efficiently


We value personal initiative and accountability, and believe our Foundation must also stay keenly attentive to how it spends its resources. Our staff should enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of learning and making continuous improvements to our work, driving efficiencies into our operations in the process.


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