Sobrato Impact Lab

High-impact organizations are strengthening their evaluation capacity because they know that harnessing data and learning helps them deepen their impact in the community, adapt to changing landscapes and make the case for their program model. Effective evaluation is one of the most important tools for learning how to improve upon an organization’s work, but building data systems and translating learning into action is a significant challenge.

The Sobrato Impact Lab uses a combination of individualized and peer-to-peer learning to expand and accelerate participating organizations’ efforts to evaluate the impact of their work. Sobrato is building on its legacy of empowering organizations in the community to achieve lasting social change by investing in their capacity to measure that change and learn from the results.

Our intensive 18-month program provides participants with a collaborative learning environment, tailored coaching, and tools and techniques to improve evaluation systems and create a culture of learning within their organizations. Over the course of the program, grantees attend in-person learning sessions; receive nearly 100 hours of customized, one-on-one expert coaching; and develop specific plans for harnessing evaluation data and implementing new learning systems across their organizations.

When organizations embrace a culture of insightful evaluation and continuous learning, they can harness the power of data to ensure that their hard work will change people’s lives for the better – and for good.

2017-2019 Sobrato Impact Lab Grantees