Community Grantees

The Sobrato Family Foundation (SFF) is the part of the Sobrato Philanthropies focusing on empowering low-income, underserved, and at-risk populations in local communities within the three largest Silicon Valley counties. Since 2004, SFF has been making strategic, responsive, in-kind, and general operating support grants. Below is a list of our current community grantees across our different program areas. To learn more about current grantees in a particular program, visit the program page.

Grantee Total Amount Program(s)
Sky’s the Limit Fund $12,965 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Small Business Majority Foundation Inc. $625,000 Pathways for Success
Sobrato Early Academic Language $25,890 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Social Good Fund, Inc. $200,000 Thriving NonProfit Sector
Society of St. Vincent de Paul of San Mateo County $184,000 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
SOMOS Mayfair, Inc. $179,900 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
South County Community Health Center, Inc (aka Ravenswood Family Health Center) $445,000 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
St. Francis Center of Redwood City $250,500 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
St. Joseph’s Family Center $96,750 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
Start Small Think Big Inc. $25,000 COVID-19
StarVista $137,500 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
Strive for College Collaborative $21,305 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Sunnyvale Community Services $291,250 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
SunWork Renewable Energy Projects $33,181 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
SV@Home $200,000 Pathways for Success
Tahirih Justice Center $15,000 COVID-19
Teach for America – Bay Area $823,635 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, 21st Century Education
Teen Success, Inc. $58,380 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
The Art of Yoga Project $21,235 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
The BASIC Fund $100,000 21st Century Education
The Commonwealth Club of California $11,247 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
The Education Trust-West $325,000 English Learner Advocacy
The Health Trust $247,651 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, COVID-19
The Unity Care Group $122,512 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, COVID-19
TheatreWorks $1,860,840 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
THINK Together $102,412 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, Essential Human Services
Thrive Alliance $23,172 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc. $240,000 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
TMC Development Working Solutions $350,000 Pathways for Success
Today’s Youth Matter $40,729 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Program Total Amount
21st Century Education $6,075,534
English Learner Advocacy $3,895,000
Pathways for Success $7,360,000
Essential Human Services $430,500
Essential Human Services $9,480,000
Thriving NonProfit Sector $880,000
Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit $7,171,861
COVID-19 $2,430,000