Community Grantees

The Sobrato Family Foundation (SFF) is the part of the Sobrato Philanthropies focusing on empowering low-income, underserved, and at-risk populations in local communities within the three largest Silicon Valley counties. Since 2004, SFF has been making strategic, responsive, in-kind, and general operating support grants. Below is a list of our current community grantees across our different program areas. To learn more about current grantees in a particular program, visit the program page.

Grantee Total Amount Program(s)
Genesys Works Bay Area $300,000 Pathways for Success
Golden State Opportunity $15,000 COVID-19
Gooru $119,364 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Grail Family Services $77,400 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
Grameen America $420,000 Pathways for Success, COVID-19
GreatNonprofits $42,556 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Habitat for Humanity International Inc. – East Bay/Silicon Valley $137,837 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, COVID-19
Healthier Kids Foundation $117,500 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
HealthRIGHT 360 $22,506 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
HomeFirst Services of Santa Clara County $278,356 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, Essential Human Services, COVID-19
Hope Rehabilitation Services $68,923 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit, COVID-19
Housing for Independent People, Inc. (HIP) $61,370 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Housing Industry Foundation $25,000 COVID-19
Human Investment Project $385,000 Pathways for Success, COVID-19
Hunger at Home $15,000 COVID-19
Ignited $43,050 Essential Human Services
Immigration Institute of the Bay Area $15,000 COVID-19
Inner City Advisors $420,000 Pathways for Success, COVID-19
Innovate Public Schools $119,006 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Insulin Pumpers $11,247 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
International Children Assistance Network (ICAN) $23,674 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
International Institute of the Bay Area $133,250 Essential Human Services
Jewish Family Service of Silicon Valley $106,750 Essential Human Services, COVID-19
Jewish Vocational and Career Counseling Service $300,000 Pathways for Success
Juma Ventures $200,000 Pathways for Success
Kara $65,600 Essential Human Services
KIPP Bay Area Schools $235,000 21st Century Education, COVID-19
Kiva Microfunds $320,000 Pathways for Success, COVID-19
Langham Partnership USA $8,328 Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit
Latino Community Foundation $100,000 Thriving NonProfit Sector
Program Total Amount
21st Century Education $6,075,534
English Learner Advocacy $3,895,000
Pathways for Success $7,360,000
Essential Human Services $430,500
Essential Human Services $9,480,000
Thriving NonProfit Sector $880,000
Sobrato Centers for Nonprofit $7,171,861
COVID-19 $2,430,000