Redwood City School District

San Mateo County, CA

  • Adelante Spanish Immersion Elementary
    (2014 expansion)
  • Hawes Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Hoover Elementary [Model Demonstration Site]
  • Selby Lane Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Taft Elementary (2013 expansion)

Franklin McKinley School District

Santa Clara County, CA

  • Los Arboles Literacy & Technology Academy
    (2014 expansion)
  • McKinley Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Santee Elementary (2014 expansion)

Santa Clara Unified School District

Santa Clara County, CA

  • George Mayne Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Scott Lane Elementary (2013 expansion)

Oak Grove School District

Santa Clara County, CA

  • Anderson Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Baldwin Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Christopher Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Del Roble Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Edenvale Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Frost Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Glider Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Hayes Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Ledesma Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Miner Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Parkview Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Stipe Elementary (2013 expansion)

San Lorenzo School District

Alameda County, CA

  • Bay Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Colonial Acres Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Corvallis Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Dayton Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Del Rey Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Grant Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Hesperian Elementary (2013 expansion)
  • Hillside Elementary (2014 expansion)
  • Lorenzo Manor Elementary (2014 expansion)

Community Impact


Since 2008, the Sobrato Family Foundation had invested $6.6M in direct service support to two regional school districts, three elementary schools and eleven feeder preschools (see list on left) implementing the model. With an additional $5M commitment from Sobrato Philanthropies, the Model has expanded to 31 Silicon Valley schools in the 2014-2015 school year, serving more than 20,000 students in Santa Clara, San Mateo and southern Alameda counties. By 2019, our goal is to partner with approximately 50 schools to train nearly 2000 teachers, and impact up to 40,000 students with this effective, powerful model of language learning.


Pilot Evaluation


The Sobrato Early Academic Language Model includes an external evaluation of impacts on family literacy practices and on students conducted by Dr. Kathryn Lindholm-Leary, Professor in the College of Education at San Jose State University and nationally recognized researcher on dual language education. The evaluation provides data and analysis on each student who enrolls in the Model’s preschool classrooms, and follows those students longitudinally as they progress through the grade levels. Using three different assessment measures including standard assessments relied upon by school districts and the state, the evaluation analyzes growth in language development and academic achievement.


Major findings of the third year evaluation based on 732 children in classrooms employing the model show highly significant gains in language, literacy and cognition, as well as a significant impact on family literacy. Specifically:

  • Sobrato Early Academic Language Pilot children entered preschool with very low levels of proficiency in Spanish, the primary language of most students, and no fluency in English. They come from families in which parent education levels are disproportionately lower than district and state English Learner comparison groups. Those in the bilingual classrooms made highly significant gains in Spanish. Children in both English and Spanish classrooms also made particularly high growth in measures associated with pre-literacy or literacy (such as reading, writing and story retells).
  • Children began as preschoolers with low scores similar to the comparison groups, but by kindergarten entry:
    • had scored higher than a non-model comparison group in Spanish,
    • had scored comparably to a first grade comparison group at a successful dual language school, and
    • were no lower in overall English proficiency than comparison children and were much higher in English reading and writing than district and state averages or comparison groups.
  • Children in the bilingual program:
    • scored higher in Spanish and in English and made greater gains in Spanish compared to those in Model classrooms with all-English instruction, and
    • scored as high and made similar gains in English.

A five-year pilot initiative final evaluation is scheduled for Fall 2014.


Community Involvement


The Sobrato Early Academic Language Model partners with regional institutions to bring enrichment and educational resources into the pilot school sites. These partners include:


We also participate in the Redwood City School Readiness Task Force and the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s Biliteracy Consortium.


Who To Contact

Sobrato Early Academic Language Model questions can be sent to Dr. Laurie Olsen at