Community Need & Philanthropic Response


Silicon Valley boasts one of the largest economies in the world, yet an astonishingly high number of our students are low income, struggling academically, and lack access to high quality school options or effective student supports out of school time. Many of these students are English language learners, attending schools that are not equipped to respond effectively to this challenge.


To stay economically competitive and ensure a vibrant region for all of our residents, we need a talented workforce that can meet the demands of our innovation-focused economy and engage in our community. We must work together to capture the full potential of these students, ensuring every student in Silicon Valley has access to high quality educational opportunities. We want to do our part to close this opportunity gap, expanding avenues for low-income and English learner students to attain a college credential through improved educational quality, equity and choice.


21st Century Education Program Activities

  • Sobrato Early Academic Language [SEAL] Model—expanding this proven professional development and program model that enables students, particularly English Learners, to attain age-appropriate literacy and grade-level mastery of academic material by the end of third grade.
  • Quality School Alternatives—ensuring high-quality school options are in place to prevent low-income students from attending under-performing schools.
  • Charter Growth & Facilities—opening additional high-quality schools in our target counties, and expanding the use of suitable district facilities.
  • New Teacher & School Leadership Development—supporting local university, teacher and administrator training programs to prepare candidates for school leadership positions, and bolster training around oral language development for English Learners.

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