Our People

We believe that with the energy, creativity and wealth in this region, we can be the model for the nation by making this a place where everyone has the opportunity to go as far as their talents and tenacity will take them.

Our Board’s Driving Commitment

Sobrato board of directors, from left to right: BJ Cassin, John M. Sobrato, John Matthew Sobrato, Sheri Sobrato Brisson, Bryan Polster, John A. Sobrato, Greg Avis, Sue Sobrato, Rick Williams, Lisa Sobrato Sonsini, Jeff Sobrato, Matthew W. Sonsini and Carol Larson.

Foundation board members are driven by their commitment to increasing equity and opportunity across the Valley by supporting access to high-quality education, working to ensure that being an English language learner is not a barrier to academic success, creating pathways to sustainable jobs and investing in a strong nonprofit ecosystem.

Sobrato Family Foundation Board Members 2018

  • John A. Sobrato

    The Sobrato Organization

  • Sue Sobrato

  • John M. Sobrato

    The Sobrato Organization

  • Lisa Sonsini

    The Sobrato Family Foundation

  • Sheri Sobrato Brisson

    Digging Deep

  • Matt Sonsini

    The Sobrato Organization

  • Jeff Sobrato

    The Sobrato Organization

  • John Matthew Sobrato

    Latino College Preparatory Academy

  • Bryan Polster

    Frank, Rimerman + Co.

  • B.J. Cassin

    Venture Capitalist

  • Carol Larson

    The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

  • Greg Avis

    Bangtail Partners

  • Rick Williams

    The Sobrato Family Foundation

Our Staff Believes in a More Equitable Valley

We are so grateful to the Puente staff for allowing us to see, firsthand, the South Coast community and the opportunities and challenges in the region.”

The Sobrato Family Foundation staff
The Sobrato Family Foundation staff spent their retreat with Puente de la Costa Sur in Pescadero.

Our team members believe Silicon Valley has the resources and potential to not only lead in technological innovation, but also in addressing the pressing issues facing our community every day. Sobrato staff members commit to making Silicon Valley a place where everyone has the opportunity to go as far as their talents and tenacity will take them.

Sobrato Family Foundation

  • Rick Williams


  • Mara Williams Low

    Program Director

  • Kenji Treanor

    Director of Strategic Grantmaking

  • Lee Lucca

    Director of Finance

  • Tamara Radcliffe

    Grants Manager

  • Maggie Hobstetter

    Program Officer, Impact & Learning

  • Jessica Lazar

    Program Officer

  • Kailyn FitzGerald

    Program Officer

  • Doua Thor

    Senior Program Officer

  • Jazmin Gonzalez

    Program Associate

  • Sara Hutchinson

    Program Associate

  • Meghan Kinoshita

    Executive Assistant

Sobrato Center for Nonprofits

  • Remy-Anne Viajar

    Property Manager

  • Rayna Simpson

    Nonprofit Center Coordinator

  • Olena Randall

    Nonprofit Center Coordinator
    San Jose

  • Sambathany Chen

    Nonprofit Center Coordinator
    Redwood Shores

SEAL:Sobrato Early Academic Language Model

  • Anya Hurwitz

    Executive Director

  • Jennifer Analla

    Director of Innovation & Strategy

  • Priscilla Chen-Ok

    Chief Finance & Administrative Officer

  • Patricia Delaney

    Director of Programs

  • Martha Martinez

    Director of Research & Evaluation

  • Jill Fraka

    Director of Training